The pressure of all that light is available from Rebel Satori Press and Amazon.

My Pet Sounds Off: Translating the Beach Boys is available from Finishing Line Press and Amazon.

Excerpts from a Natural History is available from Titus Books and Amazon.


I’ve also published poems in literary journals and anthologies around the world, including Bombay GinNimrodBarrelhouse, RiprapThe Worcester ReviewCream City Review, Sport, Landfall, and the NZ Listener

"Because I'm Thirty-Five and Not Fifteen" in Plainsongs

Lunch TicketBarzakh 13Bombay Gin cover

Borderlands coverSpectrum Vol_ 63 Covers v_ 2FreezeRay 18FrancisHouse

Fourth RiverNNER 40"Cryptic Crossword L" and "Cryptic Crossword LVI" in NimrodWorcester Review

Paragon Press - Vellichor artboard-10header-1_origScreen Shot 2019-04-20 at 7.26.09 PMApeiron1-5x1-5Whiskey Island coverDelmarva review coverNZ Poetry Shelf

m58.co.ukNZ Poetry ShelfRue Scribesplit rock small

Cryptic Crossword XXIV, Cryptic Crossword XXV, Cryptic Crossword XXVII, Cryptic Crossword XXVIII, and Cryptic Crossword XXX in AlluviumCryptic Crossword I, Cryptic Crossword III, Cryptic Crossword XV, Cryptic Crossword XVI, and Cryptic Crossword XVIII 37412639

"Little Obedience," "A Special Person," and "Obsolescence" in Watershed Review 

Screenshot 2016-05-16 20.46.43arena 4s:tick cover

three qr coversportcoverarena3 coverCarbon Culture cover

Mezzo Cammin cover
Crack the Spine coverCrab Fat coverWhistling Fire cover

Arena coverArena coverFlyover coverBarrelhouse 13 coverucity review coverRiprap coverCollapsar coverScrambler cover

Decades Review 11 coverOutside Inspecter coverRed Savina cover

Storm_Cellar_cover_3.2MadHat coverBody covermuseum of americana cover

Dead Flowers coverHamilton Stone coverWilde coverShot Glass cover

Hue&CryDr Hurley's coverDr Hurley's 2JAAM cover 001

spork coverHawai'i Review cover 001

turbine cover 1turbine cover 2ODT cover

right hand pointing coverTattoo Highway coverPalaver cover


And, now and again, I write a short story or essay:

On “Cryptic Crossword IX” in Split Rock Review

On writing Excerpts from a Natural History in Flash Frontier

A very short essay about volunteering with 826michigan at GOOD Magazine

“Jean” in Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction for a Small Planet (ed. Clifford Garstang) is available from Press 53 or Amazon

“Phillip’s Face” in Sweet As: Contemporary Short Stories by New Zealanders (ed. Blair Polly & Wendy Moore) is available from Amazon

“The Poem: Jack Kerouac’s 11th Chorus of Desolation Blues” (essay) in BODY

“Denny’s” (fiction) in WhiskeyPaper

“On Marriage” (essay) in MomandNotMom

“Repco” (fiction) in Penduline Press

Interview in Penduline Press





Please note, I am not Holly Painter the spoken word poet though we share an awesome name. Someone even wrote a newspaper article about us!


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