New service for people who can’t remember anniversaries/birthdays

This is just a small thing, but I made a slight addition to the Hire a Poet page.

Sometimes, people want their poems faster because they’ve forgotten things. Like birthdays. Anniversaries. Etc.

If you’re requesting a faster turn-around time because you’ve already missed it and you’re in trouble, I will cover you this once. I will get your poem done ASAP instead of the usual 10 day turn-around (for an additional charge), and, if you’d like, I will also help you out with a note of apology from me for taking so long on your poem (wink). Alternatively, if you’re going to own up to this one, I am here to write a combination birthday/anniversary – apology poem.

We all forget things sometimes.

Just don’t let it happen again.

(If you don’t already know it, your email service very likely comes with a calendar that you can use to set up reminders of important dates, a day, a week, a month in advance. Go do this now.)

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