I specialize in academic manuscripts in the social sciences: journal articles, job market papers, theses, dissertations, proposals, and academic book manuscripts. I also do posters, presentation slides, cover letters, personal statements, and application essays. 

I’ve edited academic manuscripts in the following fields:

Business and Banking
Communication Studies: Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
Economics: Journal of Labor Economics; Journal of Political EconomyJournal of Development Economics; American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
Education: Contemporary Educational Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology
Gender Studies: Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity; Journal of Homosexuality
Medicine: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery; American Journal of Clinical Dermatology; Medicine; Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities
Museum Studies and Art History
Physics: Antarctic Science
Political Science
Psychology: Psychology and AgingComputers in Human Behavior; Aggressive Behavior; European Journal of Personality
Public Health: Journal of Primary Care & Community Health; Health & Healthcare in America: From Economics to Policy; Women’s Health Issues
Public Policy
Survey Methodology: Public Opinion Quarterly; Survey Methods; International Journal of Public Opinion Research


I will:

– improve the organization, structure, grammar, and flow of your piece of writing
– suggest larger changes and ask you questions about sections that are unclear
– make your manuscript more concise
– catch typos, inconsistent usages, and grammar mistakes, sentence by sentence
– look over your tables, figures, graphs, and footnotes for errors
– make sure your tables, figures, graphs, and footnotes match the numbers/titles in the text
– look over your bibliography, references, or works cited section for typos and formatting errors, if requested


Payment and Timing 

I charge $60/hour, rounded to the nearest quarter hour. If requested, I can look at the document and give you a no-obligation estimate before I start.

I will return 1-10 page pieces within 4 days. I will return 10-20 page pieces within a week. If your piece is longer than 20 pages, I will give you an estimated completion date before I begin. If you require faster copy-editing, please check with me before sending. I may be able to accommodate you at an additional cost of $20/hour. However, this is not guaranteed.

My fee is due at the end of the job. I accept payment via PayPal, as well as university checks. (PayPal also accepts credit cards. All prices are in USD.)

To get started, email me at hollypainter(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me what you’re working on, what you need, and when.